Church news for the week of Sept. 10, 2015

Published 2:39 pm Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We want to thank everyone who attended services Sunday.

Sunday morning services included a message from Romans 1:16, Luke 8:5-15, 1 Corinthians 3:6-7, Ephesians 5:25-27 and John 15:1-5 titled “If You Are Wanting to Make a Difference in Your Life, the Difference-Maker is Christ.” We looked at a people for his purpose, plan, program and pruning.

We could bear more fruit if we could get the dead ends out of the way, and we can do exactly that through Christ.

Sunday night services included a message from Matthew 5:41, Luke 10:30-37 and 2 Corinthians 5:19-21 titled “Becoming a Second Mile Christian.” The point of the sermon was to go a little farther than what is asked of us. We looked at a calling, a compelling, a commission, a commitment and a contender.

We are supposed to be soldiers in the army of the Lord. We know in the physical realm, the soldiers who serve and have served in our military gave some, but some have given all. In the spiritual realm, the saved today are contenders for the faith and face many spiritual battles.

Are you one who is willing to go the distance; have you put on your armor and are you studying to show yourself approved unto God? At the end of the church-age will you be one who has given some or one that has given all?

We hope you are saved, growing in the truth that is in Christ and faithfully serving the Lord Jesus Christ in and through a local Bible-believing and teaching church near you. If you are looking for a church to visit this Sunday, we would love to see you at Calvary.

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Submitted by Oscar Mims

Samaria Baptist Church

“Church in the Park” was an awesome experience for all who attended on Sunday. Bro. Shane had a message for us that emphasized the need for unity and total service to God’s kingdom.

We are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together, whether service is in the sanctuary or in the park. The Church of Jesus Christ is the body; they are the people who gather to bring praises unto him, and to be blessed and empowered for the new week ahead.

God has promised to build a hedge of protection around us. We need to trust him, and continue to hold fast to our faith in him to provide what we need as we go through each and every trial.

Job was blessed of God, but God allowed him to be tempted by Satan, and he suffered more loss and misery than any of us could claim. Job’s faith made him whole once again, and everything he had lost was returned to him.

James 4 says we must adhere to God’s plan; resist the devil and he will flee from us. Most of us are capable of quoting scripture, but oftentimes we do not follow the words with obedience. 1 Peter reminds us that our adversary the devil comes as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. We must be sober and vigilant, and never take our eyes off the path of God if we are to stay in the will of our Lord.

Job was a man of prayer and obedience. He knew his children were involved in disobedience, and he prayed to God the Father to restore them to a life of surrender to the ways of God. God will deliver us from the wiles of Satan if we place our entire being in him and never turn away from his ways. We must stand on the Rock and claim the power in the name of Jesus.

Placing our faith in money, property and other material things will never give us peace or true happiness. While it is necessary to have the needs of life, God must always be first in the decisions of life. Keep your family protected by your faith, and trust in the power of our amazing Lord, Jesus Christ.

Please continue to pray for Bro. Aubrey Brown and his family today in the loss of his son Tim. God is the only strength in these tragic times.

May God bless all who read this message. Please join us at Samaria for a stirring message straight from the Word of God.

Submitted by Diane Fisher