Church news for the week of July 26, 2015

Published 1:14 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Floyd Baptist Church

Bro. Mike Lawrence’s message “Newness of Life” was taken from Romans 6:4.

What does the word “new” mean? It refers to something that hasn’t been in existence long. God through Jesus has made a new covenant with man. Before that, we had the Law, which was an explanation to man about what sin is. When man tried to obey the law, he found he could not do it, so God gave a new promise through Jesus Christ, and that promise made the Law obsolete.

The word “new” can also mean freshness. Here are five points that reference freshness.

(1) A fresh sense of need: We must realize that our lives lack something. Each individual is born with a void in his or her life. Many people try to fill that void with things of the world, but the only way to fill it is with the freshness and newness of life that Jesus provides.

(2) A fresh waiting on the Lord for his revelation: Many of us dislike the word “wait,” but we should wait on the Lord. Sometimes, we pray but don’t wait for God’s to answer that prayer in his time. This is what leads to unanswered prayers.

(3) A fresh response to faith: Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. When you read or hear God’s Word, a verse can speak to you and help you if you will obey what you hear.

(4) A fresh witness: We should tell others about what God has done for us and what he is doing now.

(5) A fresh empowering from God: We receive the Holy Ghost when we are saved; with it we receive the power to be witnesses for Christ. Satan can steal our joy, but he cannot steal from us God’s love.

Everyone is welcome to attend our fish fry at 5:30 p.m. on Aug. 15. There will plenty of food and fellowship.


Friendship Baptist Church

The morning service began with the children singing “What a Mighty God We Serve.”

Bro. Ken took his message “Keeping the Faith” from Revelation 19:11-16.

In the evening service, the Friendship Quartet sang “Mansion Just Over the Hilltop.”

We welcome Bro. Ken and Susan’s daughter Meagan Daniel home from Japan. Her friend Yoshi Ishida, who is home with her for a visit, was the guest speaker in the evening service.

Upcoming events:

July 23: Youth bowling at Oak Mountain Lanes.

July 24: Game night in the Fellowship hall.

July 31: Swim party for adults at the home of Gary and Sandra Smitherman. We will meet at Helfi’s at 6 p.m., and swim afterward.

Aug. 1: Youth trip to the river.

Aug. 2-5: Revival with the Rev. Don Graham and Frank Jones.

Aug. 8: Adult trip to The World’s Longest Yard Sale.

Aug. 12-18: Medical mission trip to Guatemala.

Prayer requests: Yvonne Bryars, the families of the four Marines and one sailor killed in Chattanooga, Margaret Franks, those traveling, Nettie Scott, Betty Mims, Fay Powell, Faye Honeycutt, the Albert twins and Stanley Lowery.

Happy birthday to Brittany Jones Hicks, Ken Daniel and Nathan Wilkerson.

Our church is really growing. If you are looking for a church home, please join our awesome church family.

Watch us online at “Ustream” under the title “Friendship Baptist Clanton.”