Church news for the week of July 26, 2015

Published 1:14 pm Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Samaria Baptist Church

Our prayer requests are for Lisa Shearon, Jacob Jamison, Linda Silas, W.L. and Wayne Adams, Ray and Phyllis Hardee and Voncile Emfinger.

Stacy Wyatt blessed our service with a beautiful song titled “Grace.”

Bro. Shane’s message was titled “Genuine or Generic.”

Sometimes folks claim Christianity, but when it’s time to speak up, we “shush” it to keep down controversy. We are given the courage to stand from our Lord Jesus Christ, but we must accept it and enhance it by faith.

Our Bible says the prayers of a righteous man availeth much in the eyes of the Lord, so why do we choose to be generic? We try to show the world a semblance of a Christian’s life, but when pressed to show proof, we slump down and try to remain politically correct. This is the ultimate cowardice, and God cannot bless this kind of pretense. If our actions do not line up with our profession, God cannot be glorified.

Some people cannot see through our facade, but God is never fooled. If we think we are gaining ground while we carry out this part-time faith, it is never going to prosper. We have all encountered the fake merchandise people try to push as the real product or the name brand. While we may not know the difference, it is evident to a masterful eye which products are phony. God has a masterful eye, and he is never deceived by our erroneous behavior.

God needs to see a change in our lives. He creates in us a new creature. Churches cannot grow if people pretend to be firm on what they believe. We must be genuine if we are to prosper in him. We must not expound ”lip service” in our service of Jesus Christ. We must show the world we mean what we say through our actions.

God doesn’t expect perfection from us, but our priorities must be in line with his. Sometimes, things we desire are not good for us. Our priority should proclaim Christ first. He will plead our case to the Father on the Day of Judgment.

2 Timothy says in the last days men will be lovers of self rather than loving God, having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof. We are to flee from such people. The last days will see men without natural affection, and our government has recently bestowed this kind of “right” on America.

Lift up your heads Christians; experience the real and genuine love of Jesus Christ, and be ready, for his return could come at any time.

Our pastor’s messages come from the Word of God, and they are a blessing to all who hear him. Please join us at Samaria for worship next Sunday. God bless you.

Submitted by Dianne Fisher

Calvary Independent Baptist Church

We want to thank everyone who participated in VBS this past week. Through your work, prayers and participation, God was able to use you to make this year’s VBS awesome.

We also want to say thanks to everyone who came to services this past Sunday. The morning service included a message from Philippians 2:1-11 titled “Being a True Christian Church.” We looked at the consolation, the comfort, the fellowship and the inward compassion all believers have in Christ.

We hope that what God has given you can be used through you to bless someone else’s life along the way. We live in an age that is called “The Dispensation of the Grace of God,” and as Christians we definitely know how God has given us even more grace; however sometimes we need to be reminded that others also need to be shown grace and mercy as we travel through this journey called life. That does not mean we should agree with teachings that are untrue, and it does not mean that we should not warn people of their wicked ways; it means we should always have compassion on our fellow man and always want the best for him or her.

Sunday night services finished our study through the book of Acts. We looked at Acts 28 and how Paul was shipwrecked and then snake bitten, but he kept sailing and kept serving. What are we willing to go through for the purpose and glory of our Great God and Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ?

We hope you are saved and serving the Lord Jesus Christ as a soldier with a desire to see souls saved and lives changed for His purpose and for his glory. If you are not regularly attending services anywhere, we would love for you to visit with us this Sunday at Calvary.

For services and events, check us out on Facebook, Twitter or visit our website at Hope to see you this Sunday.

Submitted by Oscar Mims