Martial arts students to compete in Games

Published 5:15 pm Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chuck Lane, left, instructs students at Chilton County Taekwondo.

Chilton County Taekwondo has grown by leaps and bounds in its existence, and Thursday will bring another testament to that growth.

Chuck Lane, owner and chief instructor, along with three students will compete in the United States Martial Arts Games in Orlando.

Lane is a third-degree black belt. Also traveling to the Games will be Skylor Lane, 22, a third-degree black belt; Connor Lane, 16, a second-degree black belt; and Alli Brewer, 14, a first-degree black belt.

The Games will be Brewer’s first competition. Understandably, Brewer said she is a little nervous, but her time at Chilton County Taekwondo has improved her confidence.

“My self-confidence has gotten a lot better,” she said.

Skylor Lane has competed before, but “nothing mounts up to this one,” he said.

“It’s showing everybody how your skills are. All that reflects back on your school.”

Connor Lane said he is excited about the opportunity to represent the United States Martial Arts team, as the Games are a precursor to a global competition.

“It’s a chance to go to Geneva, Switzerland, and compete against other countries,” Lane said.

Chuck Lane said the Team USA coach saw a video of Chilton County Taekwondo students sparring and extended an invitation to the Games.

They will be the only four from Alabama at the Games, which will feature anywhere from 250-400 competitors.