Isabella's DeRodgus Campbell (9) runs for yardage during Friday night's game against Thorsby. Visitors IHS won, 35-0.

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Mustangs dominate Rebels, 35-0

Published 10:53pm Friday, September 9, 2011

The Isabella Mustangs (2-1, 1-1) trampled the Thorsby Rebels (0-3, 0-2) in region play Friday night, 35-0.

Tyler Smith was first to penetrate the end zone from 3 yards out in the first. The PAT was good, and it was all Mustangs from there.

Just 30 seconds into the second quarter, DeRodgus Campbell ran 39 yards for a touchdown.

Isabella attempted an onsides kick, but Thorsby gained possession on a controversial call. On another play, the Isabella defense knocked the ball loose, but again Thorsby retained possession. The drive was fruitless, however, and the Mustangs wasted no time getting down the field as Mason Pate scored from 2 yards out.

The score at halftime was 21-0.

Nathan Oldroyd runs for Thorsby.

Campbell intercepted a Thorsby pass at 8:02 in the third, paving the way for another Smith touchdown, a 22-yarder. Yet another touchdown was just icing on the cake for Isabella.

The Rebels came close to scoring in the fourth quarter, but Trey Calfee intercepted a pass in the end zone, keeping the shutout alive.

“We were pumped up,” said Isabella coach Scott Booth of the annual rivalry. “We knew if we didn’t win tonight, our backs would be up against the wall.”

Booth said he was especially proud of the Mustang defense.

“I don’t think our kids quit tonight. They played hard. We’ve got to go back to work Monday and get better,” said Thorsby coach Billy Jackson.

Smith was the game’s leading rusher with 141 yards on 22 carries, and Campbell had 117 yards on 7 carries.

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  • myopinion2

    Well I do want to say that I wish them the best of luck and hope that their season does turn around for the better!

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  • awesome

    I’m not sure how you can re-read your first post and say you weren’t “throwing stones at anybody”. Oh well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, I guess.

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  • myopinion2

    I’m not throwing stones at anybody…I know a lot of great Seniors did graduate that played football last year, but there is still definitely a LOT of talent STANDING ON THE SIDELINES this year! I just feel like all of the talent and ability that we do have is not being utilized…that’s all.

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  • awesome

    its easy to talk about how things should be done differently when you’re losing. Last year was a great year and nobody complained then. Different boys this year, different talent/ability levels, different attitudes, same coaches. It’s just they aren’t as good this year and it’s easy to throw stones.

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  • myopinion2

    Phil–the Thorsby team may could start winning some games if their head coach wouldn’t make things so bad to where the players want to quit! Something had to go way wrong for a certain player to quit and he had been playing every year. I know football is a “hard-core, tough-guy” sport, but as the coach, you have to also give good words of encouragement where credit is due!! Let the players also feel like they are being acknowledged for some good things they do as well, instead of bashing them all the time for something that didn’t go the way coach had planned. I was at the game too Friday night and they just couldn’t get their stuff together! I don’t know exactly everything they work on at practice, but I think the coach needs to focus on doing some pass plays and blocking moves. He needs to be more focused on what to do that will “help” the team instead of running them to death at practice just be/c they lost the game or didn’t do what they were supposed to do. Looks like the “running thing” or the “up-downs” aren’t working afterall! I hope everything improves for Thorsby’s football team, be/c if it continues the way it’s going, we may not even have a team in the future! This comment is just my opinion from the outside looking in. Everybody has an opinion..doesn’t mean that I know everything about football and coaching.. like I said, just the way things look from a concerned spectator’s point of view….

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  • Phil Burnette

    While happy to see the Mustangs win again, I must thank the players and fans of Thorsby for showing good sportsmanship and for being great hosts. Wishing Thorsby success in the future…

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