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Young helper continues to assist meal program

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

The COVID-19 (coronavirus) social distancing mandates have altered many schedules and canceled many plans.

But these measures have not hindered the giving of one young girl partnering with the Senior Center to deliver food to those who are homebound regardless of the season.

Lisa Hobble said the more her five-year-old daughter Heather heard about the Senior Center’s meal delivery program, the more she wanted to help.

When asked why, Heather said “cause Jesus put it in my heart.”

Senior Center Director Carolyn Thomas had talked to Lisa and Heather about the program.

Hobble said those who are working at the Senior Center preparing meals for the homebound program and pick-up only option are “front line workers” in this time of pandemic.

When she started helping deliver food, Heather wanted to be able to deliver the food from the car to the door by herself, so Hobble showed her what to do for about a week.

“Now, we drive to the house, and she sits in the back in her car seat,” Hobble said. “She loads each container, which will be like a meal, a juice pack and a piece of bread. She loads it all up in a little basket. She carries it to their door by herself.”

Hobble said she and Heather have been delivering for the Senior Center Meals on Wheels program for about three months.

Heather has also been using her allowance to purchase nonperishable food items to donate to the Senior Center. She said it makes her “happy” to help others in this way. She also enjoys it “because I get to get out.”

Before COVID-19, Heather was able to go in and say, “Hi” to each of the people she delivered to, but now the food is placed in a cooler on their porch.

Hobble said those who were receiving the food “loved to get to meet her.”

Heather has also been able to share some treats of her own with those she has met.

“At Christmas time, she baked a pie and took it out to one lady,” Hobble said. “… She baked cookies one day.”

Usually, Heather is shy but while delivering the meals, she will say hi and talk to some of the people.

Before COVID-19, Heather enjoyed visiting the people on the route. Now, she enjoys ringing their doorbell — if they have one.

“I’ve enjoyed that she has such a giving heart,” Hobble said.