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Cancer survivor writes book of encouragement

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Soon after Yvonne Mitchell of Maplesville was diagnosed with breast cancer, she decided she wanted the journey to be about more than just a struggle against a disease.

Now in full remission, Mitchell has released a book “Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick” focused on encouraging others with her story and favorite Bible verses.

The name comes from the Facebook support group that Mitchell created when she was diagnosed.

“I hope they (readers) take away a sense of empowerment … motivation,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell was declared to be in remission in September 2018.

“I’ve always done journal writing a lot,” Mitchell said. “A lot of us have things that we do to kind of soothe soul … and journal writing is mine.”

Some of these journal entries became the basis for her book, which she wrote in first person.

“When I was diagnosed, God was showing me that it wasn’t just about me, and I wanted to be able to help and encourage others, too,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said she has included parts of her story and struggles that God helped her through even before cancer. She said she felt God leading her to include these details.

“It’s basically my faith walk, how we exercise our faith in God that we can do anything that the next person can do we just have to have faith and trust,” Mitchell said.

She said struggling and feeling down during those times is normal “just don’t stay down, get back and keep going.”

She said having breast cancer has increased her faith.

“Breast Cancer Picked the Wrong Chick” was published through Chosen Butterfly Publishing and is available on Amazon.com. Mitchell also has some copies available for purchase.

Mitchell said she met the Chosen Butterfly publisher through a mutual friend and Facebook.