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Library to host flavorful program

By JOYANNA LOVE/ Senior Staff Writer

Cookies and comments.

These are the focus of a program kicking off at the Chilton/Clanton Public Library on March 6 from 2-3 p.m.

The Cook Book Club will give library patrons an opportunity to discuss favorite recipes and books while enjoying tasty treats each month.

“I personally love to cook and to bake, and I know a lot of people around here do, too,” library director Savannah Kitchens said.

Seeing the success of food competitions in the county, Kitchens thought a cookbook club would be a good fit for the community.

Each month will have a theme for a dish for participants to bring. The theme for March is cookies.

“You choose your favorite recipe, and it can be from a cookbook that you get at the library or it can be an old family favorite or just something that you want to try, and you make a sample … and bring it into the library,” Kitchens said.

Attendees are encouraged to make enough for eight to 12 people to get a taste. Kitchens also encouraged people to bring the recipe to share with those who might want to try their hand at making the treat themselves.

“It is kind of like a potluck where you sample each other’s recipes,” Kitchens said. “It is just a chance for people to get together and show off their cooking and baking skills.”

Kitchens said each month’s meeting will have a relaxed atmosphere with some group discussion.

“We are hoping that people will chat about their favorite tips and tricks and favorite kinds of recipes, even if it is not related to the theme,” Kitchens said.

She said this could include favorite cookbooks and favorite cookbook authors.

In support of the event, the library will set up a display of the cookbooks it has available for checkout.

Each month’s theme will also be publicized at the library and on its website.

“We are trying to increase our adult program offerings because we have really amped up our programming for kids and teens, but we now have the time and the resources to do stuff for adults, too,” Kitchens said.

The library wanted to host a book club, but that would require having several copies of one book available for checkout.

“That is really better suited for larger libraries, so we were trying to think of something that would allow people to interact and come to the library,” Kitchens said.

She was also looking for something that would generate a good amount of interest.

No registration is required.

Items at any of these events may contain common food allergens.

The Chilton/Clanton Public Library is located at 100 First Avenue in Clanton.