People voted on tax, want hospital

Published 11:59 am Monday, June 27, 2016

Dear editor:

If I understand this right, Sen. Cam Ward introduced a bill in the Legislature for a 1-cent sales tax to raise money for a new hospital for Chilton County, and this guy says that it started in the wrong place, and that when the Legislature acted on it, it enacted a law for the tax to be collected in Chilton County.

Even if the Legislature created the law, they did not have the power to enact the law. It took more; the people of Chilton County would vote on a referendum that would be placed on the ballot in Chilton County for this 1-cent sales tax.

The people voted on this referendum, and it passed by a vast majority of the votes. It was only after the voters approved this tax that the law was enacted.

Without approval of voters, this law would not have been enacted. We the people of Chilton County put this tax on ourselves. We want a new hospital and are willing to help pay for it by this tax.

This should not be a class action lawsuit. The vast majority of the class do not want their money back. We want a new hospital.

I am one of the class, and I want no part of this lawsuit. I think the vast majority wants no part of this lawsuit.

If this guy does not want to pay this tax, then he should pack his bags and get out of the county.

David Lucas, Maplesville