Letter to the Editor: Honoring Kenneth Moats

Published 4:48 pm Friday, January 14, 2022

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By Allen Wilson

In a world where taking personal responsibility is becoming less

frequent and filled with personal greed, selfishness, and negativity, people

of Central Alabama can appreciate an existing and available resource that

gives daily encouragement and hope, especially for the needy.

WKLF Radio is delivered each day by people of faith. These are

ordinary people who have experienced common trials and disappointments

yet continue to believe that life is precious and unselfishly strive to give

thanks and serve others instead of believing that life has cheated them or

owes them. One of my favorite radio personalities, and people in general,

is Clanton native, Kenneth Moates. Brother Kenneth Moates is a proud

veteran and family man with Chilton County roots who hosts “Joy in the

Morning” on WKLF 95.5 Radio, Monday through Friday, 9 to 11 a.m.

Moats has been a longtime supporter and fan of WKLF Radio

and gospel music for many years regardless of whether it be southern,

bluegrass, or country gospel music.

Kenneth’s distinct and meaningful radio voice is the same on and off the air.

Like many local citizens, he too loves the outdoor recreation that our

state has to offer — hunting, fishing, gardening, etc. His good nature is not

determined by social classes or activities, it’s always the same, treating his

fellow man with kindness and respect. The number of local gospel singings

that Kenneth has assisted with over the previous years is countless. Like

so many other southern traditions, “Gospel Singin’s” are no longer as

popular or familiar as days gone by. There were times when an auditorium

or sanctuary would be packed with faithful people who not only enjoyed an

inspiring tenor or bass voice but also attended a singing hoping to gain a

little relief from life’s uncertainty. The same type of people who put their

trust in God hoping to gain additional strength to fight the next day’s battle.

In addition to providing your favorite gospel tunes, Brother Kenneth

shares and delivers a daily message of hope and inspiration, in the same

fashion he would if sitting in a deer stand, on a boat, on a back porch, or

while breaking bread with a neighbor. Kenneth is very much like one of his

relatives and my personal friend and pastor, Wayne Hughes, The Church at

Bethel. The only difference between these two men is that Wayne may be

flying an airplane while providing inspiration or sharing scripture with those

in the cockpit or on the ground.

Wayne’s father, Junior Hughes, was another great and special person

who rarely allowed life to dictate his mood or behaviors. In all situations,

Junior was never rattled and remained calm, often being unintentionally

hilarious. Laughter is a great medicine.

Just like others who have walked this earth, Kenneth has suffered

loss, experienced hardship and disappointment but chooses to get up one

more time and share good things with radio land or while partaking in

simple and ordinary activities. An unbeliever cannot comprehend this

mindset because they do not see the big picture. Mankind has a daily

choice, to enjoy or make the best of bad circumstances every day that God

gives them or to be selfishly angry at the world. Too often, people waste

their limited earthly time dwelling in the past with a poor disposition all

because of an unmet need or being hurt. In the days ahead, may we all

create a selfless and caring mindset, so we can appreciate others while not

being afraid to express sincere thoughts and feelings to one another.

Today, I choose to recognize Kenneth Moates and members of his family.

May their influence make us better people.