County should have kept lease on lake site

Published 11:10 am Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Dear editor:

I can’t believe our County Commission on voting to cancel the lease for a lousy $3,000 on advise from a “director of parks.”

All he is interested in in spending money on Higgins Ferry so well-off people who can afford travel trailers can visit, or Minooka Park for Shelby County visitors.

The flatlands you discussed is known by people who live here as the campgrounds, which joins the public boat dock.

There are people every day fishing on the campgrounds and camping out every weekend. They can’t afford ritzy campers but enjoy their style of camping and fishing.

In warm weather, there is always hundreds of people visiting and using this area, swimming and fishing. They don’t require running water and all the services described.

At least the underbrush could be cleaned in the main camping area. The hillside and woods need nothing.

Wake up, commissioners. It seems the only elected officeholders that know we are in Chilton County is the tax assessor and a sheriff that sends a patrol out here now.

Pat Handley, Clanton