Church news for the week of Sept. 17, 2015

Published 2:42 pm Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Rocky Mount UMC

While concluding our study on the book of Ephesians, we read more on what Paul has to say about “standing tall and standing firm.”

We know that Jesus is there for us in all our problems, and he can give us peace, joy and a happy life. He also knows that we are as sheep in the midst of wolves. Many Bible verses about taking up the shield, the sword and the breastplate were quoted in our sermon, and how one should sell their clothes to buy a sword if they don’t have one.

While violence isn’t being promoted, it is a lesson in being prepared. Churches throughout the world use whatever “weapon” they have to bring people to the church or to a group where the word of the Lord can be shared. These “weapons” vary from Bingo to basketball, bowling and softball leagues. Let’s add Weight Watcher’s groups and exercise classes to the list.

Our church chose a different route. We have a gun range. This is not to promote violence, but to promote gun safety and to have an activity where someone may hear about the love of Jesus.

Everyone who comes in contact with a gun should know how to use it safely in order to protect themselves from the many accidents that take lives each and every day. How many times have you read about someone who picked up a gun they thought wasn’t loaded and an injury occurred?

Our church has received accolades for this ministry from as far away as England. God calls us to use all tools at our disposal to reach others. Whether it is a gun range or a sewing machine making dresses, bags or quilts for those in need, use your tools and share the love of God. God calls us to be loving people. A lot of Christians don’t understand it, but it is one of the tools we have to make his kingdom known to others.

Submitted by Betty Janney

Mountain Springs Church

Sunday was Mt. Springs’ homecoming. Bro. Kenneth Moates welcomed everyone with the hymns “Are You Washed in the Blood,” “Heaven’s Jubilee” and “I Never Shall Forget the Day.”

Canaan Land started off the singing; then Pastor Wayne Hughes preached from Genesis 24:62-67. Bro. Wayne painted a very exquisite picture as he compared Rebekah to us as the Church.

The Bowling Family sang after lunch.

Submitted by Savannah Parrish