Church news for the week of April 12, 2015

Published 9:53 am Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Bethany Baptist Church

Service opened with the song “I Come to the Garden,” followed by a devotion titled “God’s Perfect Remedy for Sin” from Hebrews 7:25-27.

The sacrifice of his own son on the cross is God’s perfect remedy for sin. Under the law, sacrifices for sin had to be made daily. The animals sacrificed were not perfect, even though they had to be without spot or blemish. The priest overseeing the sacrifice was not perfect either. These sacrifices could not take away sin or get anyone to heaven. The sacrificial death of Jesus on the cross is our only way to heaven. Once he sacrificed himself, he arose the third day and is in heaven making intercession for those who are saved forever. Jesus Christ is the perfect and only way to salvation.

We had a prayer and were dismissed to Sunday School; then we sang “To God be the Glory,” “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty,” “Tis So Sweet to Trust in Jesus” and “Standing on the Promises.”

Bro. Aubry asked for prayer requests and made the announcements: The Central Alabama Associational Meeting will be held at Bethany Baptist Church at 10 a.m. on April 25.

Bro. Aubry delivered the morning message, “What We Can Do To Be a Model Church,” from Acts 2:36-47.

The finale of the great sermon of the apostle Peter beginning in verse 14 is our text for the message. We need to ask ourselves if we do all the things God would have us to do as a church and as individual members of the local church. We need to be a model so others will want to be just like us. To be a model church, we need a model to follow. The only role model we need is Jesus Christ. The church in Jerusalem had 3,000 people added to their congregation in one day. We need to analyze what and where we are. A church consists of people; without people, a building is not a church, just another building. What do we do as individual people to make our church a role model? We are the church every day of the year, not just on Sunday.

Jesus Christ died for the salvation of everyone; we just need to trust and accept him as Savior. From the time Jesus walked the earth and called out his apostles, there was a church of the Lord Jesus Christ. The church came together on the day of Pentecost. That was the day the church was baptized of the Holy Spirit.

On that day, each person heard the message of Peter in his or her own language. Everyone understood what they were saying. The miracle was that Peter spoke in his native tongue, and everyone there, regardless of their language understood what he was saying. The sermon included the fact that Jesus was the Messiah, and the church was started by Jesus Christ.

In verse 37, Peter’s sermon cut to the heart of those hearing the message. Peter told them to repent and be baptized. They were convicted that what they had always believed would not save their souls. Practicing the laws and rules of Moses did not save their souls. Prior to being saved, we must be convicted that we are sinners. Only Jesus Christ can save, not good works. Do not trust church membership for salvation and a ticket to heaven.

Once we trust Jesus as our savior, our old sins cannot be held against us; the slate has been wiped clean, like cleaning a blackboard. When we are saved, we are baptized with the Holy Spirit, and he never leaves us. After being saved we will sin, and we need to ask forgiveness. Come to Jesus today; he will save you.

We closed the service with a prayer and the song “Will Jesus Find Us Watching.”

We opened the evening service with the song “It Pays to Serve Jesus.” Bro. Aubry brought the message from Acts 2:36-47.

As Christians, we should live in a way that teaches young Christians how to live. The world should see that we are true to our church family and our heavenly Father, God, and our Savior, Jesus Christ. A model church is a church of one faith. Everyone must be agreed on all issues of faith. Every saved person is a part of the family of God, and we are brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus.

Certain behaviors are to be practiced in a model church: (1) The church continues to be a family, and one of the obligations is to be a continual part of that church. We should stand steadfastly, and be strong and faithful as long as is possible. Be steadfast in the doctrines of the church. Good doctrine prepares or perfects us on the work of the Word of God. We will never be model Christians or model churches unless we learn and practice the truths taught in the Word of God.

We should have fellowship with our fellow church members. We can have fellowship with churches of like faith and order. We should pray together as a church and individually.

(2) The family was united. We should be of one accord and one mind. (3) These people shared what they had with each other. (4) The family rejoiced in verse 46 and 47. They rejoiced. Why did they have gladness of heart? They were glad because of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We closed with a prayer and the song “My Faith Looks Up to Thee.” Our prayer list includes Bethany Church, Bro. Aubry, Shirley, Billie, Jackie, Elwyn, Grace, Journey Baptist Mission in Calera, Lisa R., Jenny H., Debbie, Jeanette, J.C., R. Allen D., Barbara T. Williams, Colyn, Vikii, Helen, Glenda, Mary K., Ralph W. and many more, but most of all the unsaved.

Submitted by Jane Vines

Rocky Mount UMC

We would like to thank the Jemison Police Department for their support in our gun safety class on Saturday. It was an eventful day with participants of all ages showing their marksmanship. The .50 caliber shots created quite a stir for all present. We appreciate the community support received by this event. Future events are planned and will be announced in our weekly news reports.

Bro. Guin led us through a unique look at “Doubting Thomas.” How would you like to get labelled for all time to come based on one action in your life? Peter denied Christ three times but he isn’t called “Wishy-Washy Peter.” The disciples that weren’t at the Cross are not called “Cowardly Matthew” or “Fraidy-Cat Luke.”

So what makes Thomas’ doubts so important to us? Could it be that we see our own fickle faith reflected by his actions? Looking at what Thomas did after having his doubts satisfied tells the world that Christians are human. We have weak times just like anyone else; yet we have strength to overcome those weak times because of the words Christ spoke repeatedly to those in that locked upper room.

“Peace be with you” was the gift Jesus bestowed that day, and it is ours to claim today. So when life gets hard and you have your own doubts, just take a deep breath and hear those words whispered down the ages directly to you. Thomas heard them and took the good news of the gospel as far away as India. With Facebook and Instagram there is no limit to how far you can take that same goods news.

Thanks again to Allegra Glasscock for the delicious meals we all shared during the Advent season. Our spiritual feast will continue with Sunday night Bible study in Romans and Wednesday night youth group activities.

Come Sunday morning for a study of Genesis, and stay for worship and the Word.

On April 8, a lovely broach was found in the parking lot on the west side of the church. Please contact the church office if you think this item might be yours.

Submitted by Charlotte Powell