Church should hold responsibility for marriage

Published 11:22 am Monday, March 9, 2015

Dear editor:

People too often accept things that bring changes to the American lifestyle and use the excuse, “Well, we know that with time things change.” Well, I have a little reminder for that kind of thinking. Time doesn’t change, people do; and it is people who bring discomfort to lives.

Only people have the ability to appreciate and respect God-given blessings such as the faith of those who have come before us and stood strong in what has made this country the home of the brave and the home of the free, which is lives established in the lifestyle produced by “In God We Trust!”

Anyone who wants to raise up any other lifestyle needs to use their human rights to get on a boat and find another land of the wild and free and constitute their own ways of self-will. This country was founded by people seeking freedom to seek and worship the only sovereign God!

People want to keep church and state separate. God was the one who ordained the unity of marriage to replenish the earth with humanity. God instituted family lifestyle, and that is why the approval of a marriage license should be the responsibility of the church.

Man-made government is made up of too many people who are people-pleasers who produce a great place of disagreement and confusion. The church is made up of people who acknowledge they are not perfect and need God’s wisdom–people who acknowledge the fact that God’s way is the way of life and any other way is the way of destruction.

God gives people the gift of choice, and we should always seek him for advice for the use of the gift.

Margie McMinn