Heartfelt thanks for generosity during Christmas season

Published 5:55 pm Friday, January 23, 2015

Dear editor,

The employees of the Chilton County Department of Human Resources send heartfelt thanks to all of the citizens of Chilton County for their generosity during the recent Christmas season.

More than 85 children in the custody of the state were either sponsored with gift items for Christmas or donations were made which the agency used to purchase the children’s wish lists.

2014 was our most blessed year for donations to the Foster Children’s Fund. The citizens of Chilton County overwhelmingly showed their concern and support for these children who by no fault of their own are not able to be with their own families.

Although everyone cannot become foster parents, a network of individual citizens, teachers, civic organizations, businesses, school clubs, school classes, churches and Bible classes come together to make Christmas special for these children who cannot be with their own families during this special time of year.

Any funds not used at Christmas are used for the foster children’s needs throughout the year.

We also appreciate the support shown to our adult service clients.

Community groups and individuals made contributions that were used to make gift bags for the agency’s elderly clients who are placed in nursing homes or who do not have any family.

The support the agency receives from the community is such an encouragement to our staff.

It is heartwarming to know that the people of Chilton County care about the vulnerable among us.


Marilyn L. Colson,Director of DHR