Deserving of thanks

Published 4:55 pm Friday, November 21, 2014

Dear editor,

On Monday, Nov. 14, I went to the Clanton Walmart for a few items. I put the items on the counter, paid the cashier with my debit card, put the card back in my billfold and proceeded toward the door.

Since all the items fit in one bag, I pushed the cart aside, picked up my Walmart bag and went out the door.

Tuesday morning I realized my billfold was missing. After searching my house and car, I came to the realization the last time I saw my billfold was at Walmart while checking out. Could I have left it in the Walmart cart?

I said a prayer to God that it was found by an honest person as it contained all my debit and credit cards, my driver’s license, my nursing license and other important information.

I called Walmart, and a lady at customer service said, “We have it.”

When I arrived at Walmart, they were not sure who turned it in, a shopper or employee; however, Brittany, a Walmart employee, said she found it in a cardboard box of lost and found at the customer service department and took it to the office and locked it up as she knew the owner would be searching for it.

In our world today we hear so many stories of stealing, dishonesty of all sorts, and read articles of discouragement.

I want to say “thank you” to the honest person who turned in the billfold and to Brittany for its safekeeping.

At this season of Thanksgiving I am thankful to know there are wonderful people who do what is right in all circumstances.

Reba Tucker