Actions at high school football game lacked class

Published 9:55 am Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Dear editor,

I would like to congratulate the Chilton County High School Tigers on their win over the Panthers Thursday night.

However, I viewed some very disturbing actions and remarks in the stands.

When the JHS band marched into the stadium they were booed, and as they walked to perform, there were students spitting over the fence at them and throwing pickle juice on them.

I also heard some very ugly remarks made about their drum major, and the remarks were not made quietly, they were being screamed from the top of the bleachers.

I have to say, as much pride as I have in our Tigers, I was ashamed to be one last night.

We were winning by a lot, and should have had some class.

I would personally like to apologize to the band students at Jemison on behalf of the idiots that were in our stands.

They don’t represent us at all. I hope Chilton County High School finds out who these kids are and take action. Take care of business on the field, and not in the stands.


J Ellison, Clanton