Fond memories of longstanding post office

Published 5:49 pm Friday, July 25, 2014

Dear editor,

I enjoyed your article on July 11 about the changes coming to our longstanding Stanton Post Office. I have seen three generations of Burnett ladies as Postmaster here.

As a child, I recall Mildred Burnett raising the U.S. flag on the flagpole up early every morning and down every evening. And, if it was raining, she wouldn’t put it up. There was so much respect paid to our country’s flag in those days.

On weekdays there were, at times, a dozen or more (myself included) who walked to the Stanton Post Office and waited to catch the school bus there. We spent many fun times in a swing that used to hang on the porch of the old post office.

Later, Agnes Burnett Friday took her mom’s place as postmaster. She would always get to the post office early to put the mail up, so my sister and I could get our mail and take it home to our disabled dad. Then we would return to the post office to catch the bus there.

Later, the post office moved out of the old building and into the present one.

This was hard for me to adjust to, because of the great memories in the old building. As Agnes started having health problems, her daughter, Carol Burnett Harrison, became the third generation postmaster here. Anyone who knows Carol, knows what a joy she is. She can always make me smile, no matter what kind of day I’m having. She is always jolly and kind to everyone. This is the part that I hate the most about the new status of our post office. She will be retiring in September, and although I will still see her in church and around the neighborhood, it won’t be the same as seeing her every day. I am going to miss that. But, as in the memories of the old post office and old postmasters, I will store these memories away in my mind and will continue to adjust to the new.


Myra Atchison, Stanton