Abandoned cemetery needs to be preserved

Published 11:40 am Monday, July 14, 2014

Dear editor,

I had the occasion to visit the Shady Grove Methodist Church cemetery, and I was shocked to see the condition of the cemetery.

I knew the church building had been abandoned for some time but could not believe the cemetery had been abandoned as well.

This small cemetery includes graves from the 1880s to 1989.

There may even be older graves, but the condition of the cemetery does not encourage anyone to look around too much.

I did note some of the family of a previous representative, or maybe a senator to the state of Alabama Legislature, is interred there.

I would hope residents would become aware of the need to preserve this cemetery.

I am sure there are civic clubs, Boy Scouts, and people interested in preserving our heritage that could quickly bring such a small cemetery back to a respectful condition.

I urge someone to organize a few days of community service or civic pride to clean up and care for this piece of history.

For anyone who does not know the location of this cemetery, it is located just off Alabama Highway 22 east toward Rockford.

You turn left on County Road 516 at Mile Marker 78, and the cemetery and abandoned church building is on the right.

The old building is gray and on the east side of the road.

On behalf of the many families who have relatives buried at Shady Grove, and who are unable to do the cleaning, I thank you for any help possible in this effort.


John Blow, Prattville