Thankful for new Christian supply store

Published 7:58 am Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Dear editor,

I thank God for people like Josh and Angie Sanderson who stepped out in faith to provide a service that people in Chilton County have so desperately needed.

It is a service that many in Chilton County, including myself, have been praying and seeking for. I and numerous Chilton County residents, thank God and the Sandersons that we now have a Christian supply service station in town.

Now, we can use educational tools to help build our faith to strengthen our lives and enhance the quality of our lives and our environment.

If you don’t know how faith works you can go to Boyd’s Place across the street from Clanton First Baptist Church to obtain materials to help you gain knowledge on how and where to find God, the creator, giver and sustainer of life!

Margie McMinn, Clanton