Barber regulations should not have been focus

Published 3:29 pm Sunday, November 17, 2013

Dear editor:

Rep. Kurt Wallace pre-filed a bill to regulate sex offenders. He tried to get the first version of the bill passed about two years ago.

Well, if he had put as much into it as he did the bill regulating barbers, he would have gotten it passed. But no, he worked two years on a barber bill. It will cost us money and the consumers.

No, Rep. Wallace, it’s not about the $40. It’s about your statement to re-energize our economy by lowering taxes, reducing regulations and taking other actions to remove those burdens standing in the way of success for businesses and their workers. Well, when you go against this as you have, it will cost. But the barber bill was first because we will pay in, and in the sex offender bill, the government will be paying out.

So, now we are going to have someone telling us how to run a barber shop. This person has never been to barbering school, but he is going to make the rules.

If I had been Rep. Wallace, I would have put my attention on the sex offender bill for two years. I called the Better Business Bureau, and they said there have not been any complaints against the barbers of Alabama. I called for a book on the rules and regulations of the barbers, and they don’t have them printed yet.

Holly Green