Bringing the community together

Published 11:34 am Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear editor,

I respectfully request to invite adults only to an old school prom.

The prom is to try to bring the community back together as well as the people.

Nothing gets old but your clothes­­—it is time to bring it back like the old days.

The event can make everyone feel special again. Most people in their high school years did not go to prom; some simply just could not afford to go, so here is a second chance.

The cost would be $35 a couple or $50 a couple including food and drinks.

A king and queen will also be crowned. There will be a live D.J.

To end this story, let’s love God and live—It doesn’t matter if you are black, white, Hispanic, or whatever your agenda.

Let’s get together again and come together as a community.

For more information, contact Varlie Gist at (614) 604-3711, Sonja Nix at (205) 299-7603, Cathy and Glen Campbell at (205) 299-1147.

Thanks for your busy time,

Glen T. Campbell