Not enough relatives can attend graduations

Published 1:40 pm Monday, August 26, 2013

Dear editor:

Another school year is upon us, and with that another class of students graduating.

This is my reason for wanting to draw someone’s attention to what kids go through who have step-parents wanting to attend an event with limited space.

I am on the front line of this subject speaking from experience. My stepson is under so much stress right now (and at the time I’m writing, school hasn’t even started back) about who will get his allotment of tickets for his graduation ceremony. Having two sets of parents—or mom, step-mom, dad, step-dad, etc.—calls for other means for schools to make arrangements for parents and kids.

Have graduation on the football field! There’s plenty of room for everyone! If rain is in the forecast, do it in the gym, where there would be plenty of standing room.

There are plenty of ways around not having these kids having to stress out on who to give tickets to. Compromise with the step-mamas and daddies and open graduation up to bigger and better places. Do away with the tickets, they’re a joke!

Leslie Blackmon, Clanton