Audience’s use of fireworks should be banned

Published 6:51 pm Sunday, July 14, 2013

Dear editor:

I was at the Clanton July Fourth fireworks display with my wife and three young boys in the Fred’s parking lot.

We had to get there early so we would have a spot to enjoy the show.

There were numerous young kids and adults running around firing off fireworks near the people.

It is usually no big deal, but there were times when the fireworks were duds or were not properly fired causing safety issues for a lot of people.

There was one group that continuously knocked their rocket bottle over, shooting the firework toward people.

They did not stop so we had to move.

I enjoy the firework show as much as anyone, but let the city do the show.

They have bought quality fireworks and absolutely have safety as their top priority.

Someone is going to be burned or hurt badly with no hospital nearby.

Richard Smith, Maplesville