Don’t fault fire departments

Published 1:35 pm Saturday, May 18, 2013

Dear editor:

If any of you wonder how fire departments receive tax money, it is approved and distributed by the Chilton County Commission. I don’t see how Collins Chapel, West Chilton and Enterprise fire departments could be held at fault for receiving the ad valorem tax rescue money when the Chilton County Commission has control over the funds and approved it for these stations. If the departments were not supposed to receive the tax money, why did the Chilton County Commission approve it, since they are in control of it?

However, we do understand that if the county keeps increasing their rescue units there will not be enough to go around helping the sick and injured.

Keep in mind that to have two fire/rescue stations, it costs twice as much to run those rescue/fire units, as Chilton County grows at a rapid rate, thus there are more fire/rescue calls.

Enterprise runs more than 400 per year, and it is increasing each year. I guess we will have to have more fundraisers in order to keep two rescue units going to help the sick and injured in Chilton County.

Just remember your county volunteers do not get paid a penny. It actually costs them money every time the call comes in for that cry for help. Yes, we volunteer. Members pay for their training, fuel and volunteered time out of their own pockets. Some spend 30 to 40 volunteered hours per week working to keep your volunteer fire departments in operation.

The next time you see a volunteer fire department member, just give them a donation for the fire department or smile at them and tell them how much you appreciate what they do for Chilton County.

Amelia Headley, Rescue Chief, Enterprise Volunteer Fire and Rescue