Tag office to receive renovations

Published 6:20 pm Friday, May 17, 2013

Renovations will be made to the Chilton County Tag Office in the next couple of months including new carpet near the six clerk stations.

The decision came after the Chilton County Commission voted during their regularly scheduled meeting on Monday to replace the current beige carpet behind the clerk stations to neutral colored carpet tiles for roughly $4,000.

After reviewing several options for different styles of carpet during the meeting, Commission Chairman Allen Caton suggested approving the carpet tiles that would have a smoother surface for the clerks who have wheels on the bottom of their chairs to roll across.

Tax collector Tim Little said the carpet tiles would be more practical and mentioned a lot of businesses are switching to that particular style of carpet.

The carpet tiles resemble actual tile flooring but are simply made out of carpet and each piece can be pulled up individually.

Although an exact date for when the carpet will be installed in the tag office has not been set, the clerks at the tag office are excited about the new renovations.

Chief clerk Laura Jones said the current carpet situation has been a challenge and it will be nice to have the newer carpet installed.

Currently, the six clerks behind the main lobby have workstations that have bits and pieces of gaping holes with exposed concrete due to renovations made in June 2012.

“When they did the remodeling last June we switched the work stations around and it left these big gaps in the carpet,” Jones said. “Now when the clerks work behind their stations they are rolling over pieces of concrete and carpet when they roll around with their desk chairs.”

Jones said the tag office was originally built in 1969 and was the First Federal Building in town.

After switching different owners throughout the years, the Chilton County Tag Office decided to relocate to the building in 2005 from the Chilton County Courthouse.

Jones, who has been with the tag office for more than 30 years, said when they relocated to the current location it allowed everyone to have a larger workspace than they had at the courthouse.

“I miss working at the courthouse in some ways but the open windows here at this office are nice and we have a lot more room to move around,” Jones said.

With the addition of computers for all of the clerks to work with, renovations were made in June 2012 where all of the clerks shifted their workstations to better accommodate customers filling out forms.

When the workstations were shifted around it left large gaps in the carpet and exposed concrete as well as holes in parts of the flooring where wiring for computer cables used to lead down to the basement of the building.

Jones is excited about the new carpet that will cover the entire portion of the main lobby with the clerk stations as well as Jones’ office.

“We are excited about it,” Jones said. “I think it will look really nice and it will be great to have.”