Church News for Thursday, March 28

Published 9:46 am Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Mt. Carmel No. 1 Baptist Church

Again, we can say that God is so good. Just as he keeps us safe in the storms of life, he kept his hand of protection over us during this past weekend’s storms. For this we are all so grateful.

We gathered in God’s house to hear the message sent to us by his messenger, Bro. Derrell, who brought a message titled “What the Master Needs,” based on Luke 19:28-38. Would you say the Master doesn’t need anything? Well, he does: He needs us to give back as he has given to us. It may be to give our time, talent or tithe to help with his ministry. These should be things given without question or hesitation, just as the owners gave the colt that was mentioned in these verses. Our gifts should be given for the glory of God. Maybe we feel we don’t have anything significant to give, but God can take what we think is small and make it great.

On Sunday afternoon, our youth visited with Shiloh Baptist, as they were hosting the worship team from the University of Montevallo. The adults assembled in the sanctuary for the Discipleship Training class. After the class, Bro. Derrell brought a message, “Giving All,” from John 12:1-8. As we think about our giving, is it just what we want to give or is it sacrificial giving? What motive do you have in giving? We can see from these scriptures that giving all to serve the Lord is what he deserves. We need to give in this manner because of our love for him. Giving to God’s ministry should be done with a generous attitude.

This weekend, there will be two events taking place at our church: On Saturday, March 30 at 4 p.m., Geoffrey Lockhart and Abby Braswell will exchange wedding vows. On Sunday, March 31, during the 11 a.m. service, the cantata Who Do You Say I Am will be presented by the adult choir.

We ask that you remember to pray for baby Jacob Jones and his parents (they have traveled to Minnesota for Jacob to receive treatment). Also, Sarah Scott is home from surgery. Please pray that she will have a speedy and complete recovery.

You are always welcome to come and worship with us.

Center Hill Church

Webster’s Dictionary defines a chain as “that which binds; that which strains, confines, or fetters.”

What are your chains, or do you even have chains? Our choir opened our worship service with “Amazing Grace, My Chains Are Gone.” (Thank you to Celeste Elmore for her solo in that amazing song.) As Christians, our chains are gone because Jesus saves. Next week, we will observe the day on which Jesus died and arose, bearing our burdens and sins. Because of this, we are saved from eternal death. We are to live transformed lives simply because our chains are gone. We should have a new reverence for God in our transformed life. Our life will reflect a new relationship with the church and a new responsibility to the world. The conversion of Paul reflects the transformed life.

To all who purchased doughnuts from the youth, a big thank you! They had a profit of over $600 to help them attend their next evangelism rally.

There will be a yard sale this Friday and Saturday on U.S. Highway 31 sponsored by our youth. They have been busy serving the Lord. This Sunday, two young men presented a puppet show about the meaning of Palm Sunday. Last Wednesday night, the youth hid eggs for our children’s annual nighttime Easter egg hunt at the Wilkins’ house. There were about 120 people in attendance.

Remember Tracy Cobb, Sarah Mae Moody and others in our community who need a healing touch.

There will be no Olympians this Wednesday night.

Our men will be cooking breakfast on Easter morning for all who attend our Easter Sunrise Service at 6:30 a.m. We will be observing the Lord’s Supper during our sunrise service.