Questions remain about education bill

Published 7:20 pm Friday, April 12, 2013

Dear editor:

This is in response to the article stating how the bill passed by the Legislature was such a great bill and would help students from failing schools.

First, how does taking money from a school that is failing help that school to improve? Second, what is supposed to happen to those students who cannot afford a private school even with some of our tax money helping them? Third, how much will it cost to set up a department to make sure the kids that go to private schools actually came from failing schools, and what is going to be done if they are found not to be from a failing school?

I taught school for many years—sometimes without books, and numerous years without the money for needed supplies—and even when the state finally ended up giving a little money, we were so limited as to what we could spend it on that it was really of no value. It has been no hidden secret that this administration hates AEA, (which let me say first that I was not a member of AEA for most of my career and there were things I did not like they did) but this administration was and is determined to hurt AEA in any way they can and it does not matter whom they hurt in the process.

Also, what is to become of schools who have to take many students because they transfer to a non-failing school, thus making those schools overcrowded?

Clifford Neeley, Clanton