Water Festival was a success

Published 11:25 am Monday, April 8, 2013

Dear editor:

As individuals, we volunteered to help with the Water Festival held at Jeff State on March 15. The part we played in the success of the event was very small, while the benefit we received was extremely large.

To all of the fourth graders, allow us to congratulate you on your behavior and the interest you showed. To all the fourth grade teachers, allow us to congratulate you on the outstanding job you did in supervising and preparing your students for the presentation.

A special thanks to the promoters of this event for having every aspect covered, and to the staff of Jeff State for hosting this program. It was truly a great day and we hope it will become an annual event for Chilton County. With all of the negative reports concerning our educational system coming from Montgomery, it is refreshing to see how well the fourth grade students and teachers are achieving in our county.

Good job!

Nancy and Jim Shannon