County has responsibility to provide for shelter

Published 8:41 pm Friday, November 30, 2012

Dear editor:

As a member of the Board of Directors of the Chilton County Humane Shelter, I read with great interest the article on Thursday, Nov. 15, concerning the Chilton County Commission and the comments about the animal shelter. In response to that article, I will point out a few facts:

1. Chilton County does not have an Animal Control Officer (as required by law).

2. The Chilton County Commission does not adequately fund the shelter (as required by law).

3. The board of directors and the director have met with the commission numerous times to request funding and assistance.

4. The amount of money per month paid to the shelter from the county ($1,075) takes care of the intake and care of 27 animals per month. On an average, we take in 350 to 400 animals per month from the county.

5. We are required to keep and care for animals for seven days before they can be adopted or destroyed. This cost amounts to $40 per animal. After the 27th animal comes into the shelter, we have to charge for intake.

6. The cities of Clanton, Maplesville, Thorsby and Jemison are to be commended for shouldering their share and taking responsibility for animals brought in from their areas.

I would hope that commissioner Joe Headley was only commenting in jest about cutting off the small amount of funding the county distributes to the shelter, since the county is required to fund and maintain a shelter. If commissioner Headley needs a copy of the law I have made reference to, I will be glad to give him a copy.

We will be delighted to again meet with the commissioners and discuss this issue as we want to be able to care for and find homes for these unwanted pets. If people would take advantage of the low cost spay and neuter services offered, the county would not have to deal with this issue.

Katheryn Plier, Chilton County Humane Society Board of Directors