Stand for rights and freedom

Published 9:46 am Monday, November 5, 2012

Dear editor:

Out of all God’s creations it seems the most blessed are the ones that can be the most ungodly evil.

People can take a word accidentally spoken out of place and use it to ruin a loving Christian character that it took years of respectful work to build.

One man publicly made a mistake with his words one time as he stood for God’s ordinance of supporting life.

That man did not mean that God intended for a crime of rape to happen; he simply meant that when conception is a result of a crime, when a seed is fertilized, God only can put life into that seed. If God does not want life in the seed, then let God be God, let God be the one to keep life from the seed. Only God can turn a curse into a blessing. Only God can take a work of evil and turn it into everlasting joy.

People, let us be more careful to let God be God in our lives for all lives because it is God’s good pleasure to bless us because he loves us. God knows what we have need of.

If you are a victim of rape, I feel for you, but the seed couldn’t help where it fell and I believe if God chooses to give life to the seed it is for your benefit because God knows how to heal your pain through love. God never said, “Thou shalt not kill unless it is a baby conceived by crime.”

Please support the people who will stand for our God-given rights and freedom.

Let’s nourish the Godly life of freedom.

Margie McMinn, Clanton