Rally to save our hospital

Published 8:48 pm Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dear editor:

Many people have shared complaints about our local hospital, but I believe everyone in Chilton and surrounding counties will be greatly deprived of a great blessing and huge asset if we lose our medical services offered through our local medical facility.

I believe the loss will affect people throughout our city, county, state and nation because there are a number of employees, other than the doctors, who receive pay wages from which tax revenue is collected that is used to pay governmental debts, and those employees spend their wages therefore contributing to our struggling economy.

Most of us don’t see or know what goes on behind the walls, such as all the expenses taken and paid for supplies for a business operation!

We need our local medical facility, our Chilton Medical Center!

There are many other services this facility provides. I want to encourage citizens to do something, stand to preserve, protect and keep what we have. Call your elected officials, make them know we want and need our local hospital services, and they need for us to have it, too, because some of the tax money collected and paid is used to make their pay, too.

The medical field is not an industry; it is a ministry, and our local medical facility is God’s service station, operated by God and family. The employees are God’s missionaries. As well as we receive from this mission work, so we can all take part in this ministry work.

Pray that God will move the obstacles and hindrances sent to stop and hinder God’s work and take our God-given blessing.

Margie McMinn, Clanton