Clarifying school board meeting comments

Published 8:53 pm Saturday, October 13, 2012

Dear editor:

At the September meeting of the Chilton County Board of Education, our annual audit report was presented. Our school system passed the audit; however, two areas were identified that needed attention.

First was a bookkeeping entering procedure error that had been addressed and corrected at Thorsby High School. The second was an issue of funds being misused at Clanton Elementary School. I informed the board that I would be in touch with Dr. Craig Pouncey, deputy state superintendent of education, and upon his direction, notify the attorney general or district attorney.

I failed to specify that my contacting Dr. Pouncey was only in relation to the Clanton Elementary School issue. The issue at Thorsby, a bookkeeping procedure error, was corrected, and no wrongdoing was involved. There is no reason for any further action, and no one at Thorsby High School is in any way suspected of anything wrong.

I regret and do apologize that I did not clearly specify my course of action and wish that it be known that the staff of Thorsby High School should be held only in the highest regard of honesty and integrity.

Dave Hayden, Chilton County Schools superintendent of education