Chilton represented at Dem. Convention

Published 7:55 pm Monday, September 10, 2012

Barbara Schultz, left, and Joni Nix, right, wear their credentials at the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. last week.

Barbara Schultz and Joni Nix of Chilton County were among only 100 people from Alabama who received tickets to attend the National Democratic Convention in Charlotte, N.C. last week.

Schultz, the Chilton County Democratic Club secretary, and Nix, a club member since January, scored their tickets from the state director of Obama for America.

“We have been working at headquarters in Birmingham one day a week doing telephone calling,” Schultz said. “We felt fortunate that we were just handed our tickets, and we were able to go.”

Schultz and Nix were also lucky to not have to stand in line with many others for about seven hours to get into the convention, which was held at the Time Warner Cable Arena.

Schultz said limited seating precluded her and Nix from seeing President Barack Obama deliver his speech Sept. 6 in person, but they still enjoyed the convention atmosphere.

“We were fortunate enough that we got to go to a caucus for senior adults that highlighted what Obama is doing for senior adults,” Schultz said. “Even though we drove 1,000 miles there and back and weren’t able to be in there for the  speech, I would do it again. All of it was very exciting.”

Schultz said she picked up a lot of flyers and informational materials at the senior caucus related to healthcare reform.

“I feel that I’m just really strongly in favor of ObamaCare,” she said. “I felt strongly about it before, but I feel more strongly about it now.”

In addition to her flyers and several Obama-Biden political buttons, Schultz said she got an Obama shirt from the convention that she plans to wear to the Democratic Club meeting Sept. 11.

“I feel even more dedicated to the Democratic Party,” Schultz said and added that she and Nix will resume their work at the party’s headquarters in Birmingham every Thursday. “You feel like you’re doing something constructive. There is a lot of fellowship, too.”