Students win awards at ACE Competition

Published 6:07 pm Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Students from Chilton County High School attended the Academic Challenge for Excellence (ACE) Competition held at Wallace Community College in Selma on Friday, April 20.

CCHS students competed against other schools in individual and team events in keyboarding, information technology, English grammar, English composition, algebra, geometry, advanced math, natural sciences, public speaking and social studies.

Students who attended were Jessica Pierce, Katie Mims, Avery McCarley, Keo Khampharasavath, Conner Morgan, Rikki Lavender, Keona DeJarnett, Patrick Richards, Courtney Little, Stevie Calhoun, Blake Hudson, Kacy Sanders, Lauren Benson, Olivia Ricks, Weston Harris, Britney Scarbrough, Kaitlin Ray, Michael Fazekas, Chris Williams, Anmol Ahuja, Ivan Truss, Dylan Davis, Mason Easterling, Clint Seales, Chris Calhoun, Kacy Brasher, Lexey Monceaux, Ashley Lanier, Lexi Tippett, Sami Gibson and Chase Minor.

The following CCHS students received awards:

•Chase Minor – first place in Individual Information Technology.

•Kaitlin A. Ray, Olivia Ricks and Chase Minor – third place in Team Information Technology.

•Stevie Calhoun – first place in English Composition.

•Blake Hudson – first place in Keyboarding I.

•Rikki Lavender, Anmol Ahuja and Patrick Richards – third place in Advanced Math Team.

•Britney Scarbrough, Lauren Benson and Mason Easterling – first place in Natural Sciences Division I.

•Clint Seales, Keo Khampharasavath and Dylan Davis – first place in Natural Sciences Division II.

•Courtney Little, Michael Fazekas and Keona DeJarnett – third place in Social Studies Division I.

•Ivan Truss, Chris Williams and Weston Harris – third place in Social Studies Division II.

CCHS students also competed in the technical competitions at the event and received awards. They were:

•Charity Bolton – second in Bookkeeping.

•Hailey Calloway – second in Cosmetology.

•John Tyler Allen – first place in Drafting/Mechanical Drawing.

•Brandon Vickers – second place in Drafting/Mechanical Drawing.

•Alex Baker – first place in Drafting/Engineering.

•Brandon Schofield – third place in Drafting/Engineering.

•Andrew Laferma – first place in Commercial Industrial Wiring.

•Lauren Ray – second place in Commercial Industrial Wiring.

•Nicholas Williams – third place in Commercial Industrial Wiring.

•Cory Best – first place in Industrial Maintenance (problem-solving).

•Andrew Glass – second place in Industrial Maintenance (problem-solving).

•Tyler Taylor – third place in Industrial Maintenance (problem-solving).