We must keep a closer watch

Published 2:56 pm Friday, January 20, 2012

Dear Editor,

Is it lack of communication, unconcern, unused integrity—what is it that has brought about what seems like such empty and void change in our society and environment?

I think that too often we get too busy enjoying things we always wanted. Now we have them and now we are focused on enjoying what we have and too busy working to pay for all have and we don’t see all the destructive things trying to get in among us to take from us. And maybe we are expecting too much of our chosen leaders, and we are too dependent on them to dress and keep guard (and protect our Garden), and now our chosen leaders are too busy with the same ol’ humdrum of everyday business and forget to watch the gate!

For several years, our leaders did fight to keep the snake out of our Garden, but just when they thought they had succeeded, the snake returned and found a gate that had been left opened.

I am one that was too dependent on our chosen leaders to do all the work of dressing and keeping the Garden, and I too failed to see the snake coming.

I just want to encourage the citizens of this country to keep a closer watch and a tighter hold on our Garden and all things therein, especially the health and well-being of our families and our God-given peace and joy and get more concerned for the Garden that God has put us in! We definitely need closer unity with each other as citizens, and citizens need closer unity with business owners and the leaders in and of this country.

Oh, I did forget to congratulate the people of this country on the birth of a methadone clinic!

Margie McMinn, Maplesville