Ministry shows God’s love

Published 4:58 pm Friday, October 14, 2011

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the Praise and Worship Outreach Ministry, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our “Senior Citizens” who have given their time and efforts to this ministry.

A new meaning to my life has been added because of your caring spirit. Your support has helped us build a strong ministry that is so vitally needed today. Your concern has helped our community in many ways and shows a reflection of God’s love for us.

It has been my honor to plan your activities and enjoy our fellowships.

If you are a senior, we encourage you to join us. Call (334) 366-4648 or write to P.O. Box 18, Maplesville, AL, 36750 and express your interest.

We currently have the following ministries: Seniors (each year we have quarterly luncheons), Senior Christmas Banquet, and Weekly Prayer and Bible Study (Big Mama’s House of Prayer, Mitchell Hill Road in Maplesville).

God bless you, and have a wonderful Thanksgiving season.

Evangelist Diana Pryor, Praise and Outreach Ministry