Community leaders should let city grow

Published 10:03 am Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dear Editor,

I’m tired of shopping out of town and my county not getting the tax revenue we so badly need. I have heard that many different businesses have tried to come to Chilton County, and our so-called community leaders have voted them down.

I don’t understand why they’re keeping our county below poverty level when a Colonial Promenade would bring hundreds of jobs we so desperately need. With the tax revenue generated with these stores, we could have better roads, the hospital could grow like Shelby Hospital has, our schools could have what they need and so on.

The opportunities for our county are endless. It’s time to let Chilton get out of the Dark Ages and be a place people would want to live. We need some new blood in our community leaders!

Next time you vote, think about this: give our children something to be proud of. We could become the best county to live in Alabama if you would just let us GROW!

Sandra Edwards, Clanton