Good weather for Peach Run

Published 10:09 am Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ruth Truss of Clanton crosses the finish line during Saturday's Peach Run. She was the first woman to complete the 5K.

Eighty runners took off from the starting line Saturday morning for the 2011 Chilton County Peach Run, held at Cornerstone Fitness and Wellness.

Nineteen-year-old Jacob DuBois of Cabot, Ark. was first to cross the finish line, winning the men’s 5K with a time of 19:27.3.

DuBois was visiting his grandparents, Jerry and Gloria Kleinsasser of Prattville, who came to see him run Saturday.

“This running has really done him good,” said Gloria Kleinsasser, adding that her grandson has rheumatoid arthritis.

“I hope I can use this motivation to try and get into a half marathon and compete later down the road,” DuBois said.

A local claimed the women’s 5K title, Ruth Truss of Clanton, clocking in at 28:24.1.

Truss, 51, said she recently started running after organizing a 5K run at the University of Montevallo, where she teaches history.

The fastest man in the 10K was Todd Grant, 41, a Rhode Island native currently stationed at Maxwell Air Force Base in Montgomery. His chip time in the Peach Run was 42:58.0.

Grant, like DuBois, said he found out about the event online. The veteran runner is training for an Ironman competition.

Grant offered some advice for would-be runners:

“Start walking, and then slowly build up your running. You have to enjoy it,” he said.

Haley Guillebeau of Birmingham, a student at the University of Montevallo, won the women’s 10K event with a time of 48:59.5. She ran with her friend, David Sadberry.

“I did track and cross country in school, and I started back about a month ago,” said the 20-year-old Guillebeau.

The top four winners each received $100, and remaining winners received a basket of Chilton County peaches.

Other winners were as follows:

•5K male 1-25: Doug Mims at 20:34.6

•5K female 1-25: Alana Moore at 41:03.1

•5K male 26-40: Fred Yarenko at 24:32.8

•5K female 26-40: Jaclyn Rivers at 29:37.8

Jacob Dubois of Arkansas was first to cross the finish line, winning the men's 5K and clocking in at 19:27.3.

•5K male 41-55: Wayne Bartlett at 29:12.3

•5K female 41-55: Charla Doucet at 31:44.1

•5K male 56 and over: Cecil Pavey at 24:36.3

•5K female 56 and over: Sally Pavey at 38:23.5

•10K male 1-25: Christopher Allen of Montgomery at 56:30.4

•10K male 26-40: Eric Davis of Prattville at 53:35.4

•10K female 26-40: Kristen Jones at 54:49.7

•10K male 41-55: James Counsell at 45:08.7

•10K female 41-55: Misty Samya at 50:35.3

•10K male 56 and over: Larry Stillings of Montgomery at 55:33.9

•10K female 56 and over: Kathleen Mahoney-Norris of Prattville at 1:01:04.8