LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Jemison shows poor ethics

Published 4:51 pm Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Editor,

Good ethics in nearly any situation builds healthy relationships, and when it comes to business, it will help a community flourish.

For years, the mayor and the city council of Jemison have ordered flowers and supplies from Cindy’s Nursery. Cindy’s Nursery is a small local business that has always utilized proper business ethics. The business puts forth trust in those appointed to the council and mayor positions.

Every year, the city brings 72 big flower pots to the business so that they can be filled with blooming flowers and potting soil. The small business also travels throughout the city filling up the massive concrete planters with flowers and new potting soil. The materials alone cost more than $3,200. Obviously, there is also much labor required to fill the 72 flower pots and the concrete planters. With the cost of the supplies added with the labor, it is more than $3,600.

This practice and transaction happens every year to help groom and neaten the city. The small local business puts forth much effort into the betterment of Jemison and the community as a whole by donating products, services and some monetary contributions for the city park and other morale, recreational, and welfare boosting organizations.

Due to the stringent economic times, the business owner called Jemison Municipal Complex to verify that the city was still going to purchase more than $3,600 worth of products and services from the business. One of the city officials confirmed the annual process and sent some city workers to take the 72 flower pots to the business to be filled. This was a confirmation that the proper funds would be allocated toward the city’s annual beautification project and that the business would be compensated accordingly.

As one can see, the normal transaction was confirmed, and the small local business provided their annual supplies and services. However, on Monday, April 18, there was a Jemison City Council meeting, and for what is normal in this day and time, finances were the main concern. They decided to reject paying for the beautification project. Unbelievably, the vote was 5-1 with only Faye King voting to do what is morally right.

This corruption is beginning to be the norm. The remainder of the councilmembers do not worry about the law abiding and taxpaying, working citizen. It is a shame for them to hold those positions when their choices are very influential on the city of Jemison and the people in it. The necessities and prosperity of the Jemison community should be top priority. If the funds were not going to be available, then the flowers, supplies and services should not have been ordered.

This manner shows much disgrace and discredit upon the mayor and councilmembers who voted to not pay for what was ordered. Values of character, integrity, duty, honesty and responsibility have been compromised. This scandal is absolutely humiliating and embarrassing to the city of Jemison due to the acts of the mayor and council members being so uncaring of the community they represent and putting such a financial burden on this small local business.

Joseph McNeal, Jemison