Leaders out of touch

Published 6:43 pm Friday, May 6, 2011

Dear Editor,

My very sincere congratulations to our inspired leaders on Capitol Hill. Once again, they show their complete ignorance for how Americans really live.

I am sure they are all warm and cozy in their outrageously expensive houses (paid for by us) while I, on the other hand, am listening to the wind, thunder and rain and hoping there is not a tornado I need to be worried about.

It is Friday, April 15, and 3:38 p.m. at my home in Jemison (paid for by me). I have to listen and hope for the best because the powers that be decided to digitize all of the television signals. That means that when the cable or satellite goes out (like every time it does when it is partly cloudy or worse), I have no way of receiving my local stations and actually knowing if I need to hide under the house.

I understand they want to moniter absolutely everything we do and that a digital signal is required to track what people watch, but they have taken away people’s safety in the name of… of…of what? In order to invade our privacy? Thanks a lot!

Just one more example of how out of touch your representatives are with you. We are not all terrorists that need to be watched; some us just want to see the news, especially when the weather is like this.

Maybe they can screw up our radios next, and then we will just watch the cows for signs of bad weather.

Mark Domian, Jemison