Minority shouldn’t decide policy for all

Published 10:49 pm Friday, April 15, 2011

Dear Editor,

I saw “red” when reading the article about Maplesville High School’s display of “God Bless America.”

Having served this great nation “under God” for more than 23 years in the military, it really upsets me to hear of minority groups such as Freedom From Religion Foundation and others trying to change what the majority of Americans believe. I cannot tell how many times I have said the Pledge of Allegiance “under God” and heard our leaders say “God Bless America.”

Nowhere in the article did I see where students are required to read this plaque or the heading in their website. We always said the Lord’s Prayer before starting an exercise or before undertaking an assignment that could endanger our lives. This was not an order to participate; it was strictly up to each of us to participate. We always ended any get-together with “God Bless America.”

I  pray to God that the majority of us will soon again gain control of this great country and not have to live our lives as the minority wishes us to do so. God bless Maplesville High School students, faculty, board of education and all Americans in the fight against these oppressions of freedom of speech.

Tony Robinson, Maplesville