City remembers fallen officer

Published 8:22 pm Friday, April 1, 2011

Dear Editor,

The city of Jemison suffered the loss of Officer Josh Newman on March 5, serving faithfully to his call to duty.

The death of Officer Newman touched the heart of all of us very deeply in our city and across our state and nation.

We, the citizens of our great city, are grateful for the time Officer Newman served our city as one who was dedicated, loyal, professional and trustful in his capacity as a police officer in the city of Jemison. Officer Newman was a dedicated husband, father, and dedicated Christian implementing such moral character he performed routinely on his job.

On behalf of the mayor and city council, city personnel, the citizens of Jemison and law enforcers throughout our great nation, we all are proud to have known Officer Josh Newman. We are a much better city because of Officer Newman’s devoted dedication to all our citizens and law enforcement.

We shall never forget this great American and dedicated officer!

Eddie Reed, Mayor of Jemison