LETTER: Mail not worth risking lives

Published 9:10 pm Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Dear Editor,

This letter is in response to Mark Scott’s letter on Jan. 16 (“Postal Service Disappoints”).

The postal service gets its mail out of Birmingham for the Clanton, Thorsby and Jemison offices. This is where the problem started about them not being able to deliver on Jan. 11-12. Birmingham was hit a lot harder than Clanton, causing roads and interstates to close.

It was too dangerous to send a driver with the mail truck out of Birmingham. That is why there was no mail on Monday and Tuesday to deliver. I think UPS and FedEx get their packages out of Montgomery, which did not have so many icy roads.

Now, with that being said, I applaud the USPS for holding the driver in Birmingham instead of sending him and putting his life and the lives of others at risk. I guess I have never received any mail that was worth risking someone’s life. I think you would probably agree with me if it was your husband, wife, son or daughter that was being sent out.

As far as the USPS going broke and begging for taxpayer dollars, just look around, a lot of businesses and families are going broke. Our country, the United States, is in a bad financial condition.

But look up, there is an answer to all these problems, and his name is Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. So, until we the people of the United States put God back into schools, workplaces and our homes, we can’t expect anything more.

We’ve turned our back on God. Now, ask yourself, why should he help us? So, the next time you’re so quick to put someone down, get all the facts. Should it ever happen again that the mail does not run and you don’t get your letters and magazines to read, I would love to recommend a wonderful book (that we all should read every day). It’s called the Bible.

If we would all try that, the economy and this country would be in a lot better shape. So, until then, pray for me and I’ll pray for you. God bless, and remember, God loves you.

Darlene Joiner, Clanton