Grateful for Minooka

Published 9:00 pm Friday, January 7, 2011

Dear Editor,

On behalf of the faculty and staff here at Jemison Middle School, I would like to thank Gerald Arrington and Minooka Park for once again providing the perfect venue for our Christmas party.

Although the weather outside was too cold to enjoy the deck, we found the inside space to be warm and inviting for our attendees.

Just as last year, we were able to just “show up” and enjoy our party. The place was decorated very festively, and tables and chairs were perfectly arranged to accommodate our guests.

When on our party coordinators arrived, Gerald gladly helped her unload the things we brought for our party. This is the second year in a row we have dealt with Gerald to coordinate our party, and both times, it has been a stress-fee event. We are truly appreciative of Gerald and the job he does out at Minooka.

Not growing up around here, I do not have the “old memories” of Minooka that a lot of my co-workers have, but it has quickly become one of my favorite places. I was so excited to see all of the recent changes out there—what a fabulous place it has become. Chilton County should be proud of Minooka.

Thanks again, Gerald. We will be back next year!

Shonda Copen, Jemison Middle School