Smokers littering courthouse grounds

Published 9:18 pm Monday, October 11, 2010

Chilton County Commissioners are tired of seeing litter on the lawn of the county courthouse — specifically, cigarette butts.

The commission agreed Monday to put up more “no smoking” signs, particularly at exits used by courthouse personnel.

“When I walked in today, I bet you the ground was covered with cigarette butts,” Commissioner Allen Caton said during Monday’s meeting. “That is a reflection on us.”

People have also started smoking on the landing outside the front of the courthouse, where smoking is prohibited, Caton said. Also, several signs previously located in the area have gone missing.

“We’re down to one sign out there,” he said.

Caton said he didn’t have a problem with people smoking, but the commission expects people to properly dispose of cigarette butts in the receptacles that are provided.

“I’m not against people smoking. That’s strictly their business,” he said.

Caton threatened to ban smoking on the premises if the problem could not be fixed soon.

In other business, the commission voted to name a portion of roadway off County Road 51 after Edward Chandler, at the request of Mt. Springs Church. Chandler was a former pastor of the church.

A provision was included in the motion stating that in all future such decisions, the street sign or signs would be installed at no cost to the county unless approved by the commission.

Commissioner Bobby Agee suggested that anyone who requests a street to be named should be given an opportunity to pay for the signs. If the person or group were not willing to do so, it would be up to the commission.

“If the county grants it, I think we should pay for it,” Agee said.

Annual bids for the Road Department were approved, including the following:

•The bid for plant mix and asphalt went to Wiregrass.

•The bid for liquid asphalt went to Hunt Refining.

•The bid for diesel fuel went to Thomas Oil.

•The bid for highway striping went to Highway Management Systems.

•The bid for corrugated pipe went to Acme Building Supply.

•The bid for treated lumber went to Tri-State.

•The bid for signs went to Traffic Signs, Inc.

The commission also:

•Awarded the low bid for janitorial supplies to COPACO of Montgomery.

•Awarded the low bid for gasoline for the Chilton County Jail to Wilson Oil at a profit margin of .0599.

•Changed a county holiday from Dec. 31, 2010, to Jan. 3, 2011, so that the county tax offices could be open on New Year’s Eve.

•Agreed to return $862.94 in property taxes to Paul Grober due to an error.

•Approved an emergency hire for the Tax Collector’s Office with retroactive pay going back to Oct. 3.

•Granted American Legion Douglas Glass Post 6 permission to use the courtroom for its annual Veterans Day event due to the need for increased parking space.