Remember to vote in November

Published 5:42 pm Friday, October 8, 2010

Dear Editor,

Mid-term elections are coming up, with some very important state offices to be filled as well as some county offices, and I can’t help but wonder, “What will our voters’ attitude be?”

Will they simply ignore this election and stay at home like so many mid-term elections, or will the state of the economy spur them into paying attention and following through with the vote. It seems to be going as usual with no big issues to stir the voters to cast their vote, so I am concerned that once again we will sit on our seats and let someone else decide who will make our decisions for us for the next term.

I know that many of the people I talk to from time to time seem to be showing signs of being defeated, for it seems that we have been overrun with federalism and socialism taking over the state and county governments’ responsibilities and placing them as secondary instead of primary governments and doing away with home rule.

I cannot and do not try to make your mind up for you. However, I do wish to energize you to vote, to make a deliberate attempt to place a strong and effective government in place that will look out for the best interest of those of us that call this republic home, instead of those who have, under the cover of darkness, illegally come in and attempt to take what we and our forefathers have worked so hard for over the centuries.

Be it understood that I do not begrudge those whom have made the effort and entered this country legally, making it their homes, and entering into the system to become citizens and being at home here. We are a nation of persons whom have immigrated into this country, forming it into the great nation that it is.

I for one am proud to call America and Alabama home and will do my part to try to maintain it as the republic it was meant to be—by casting my vote.

Johnny Thacker Sr., Jemison