Pitts to enter superintendent’s race

Published 2:40 pm Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jemison Elementary School Principal Louise Pitts plans to run for Chilton County Superintendent of Education as an independent.

On Tuesday, Pitts submitted a petition with 582 signatures to the Chilton County Probate Office. She had to have a minimum of 365 signatures from registered voters living in the county, which equals three percent of the county’s participation in the 2008 General Election.

The Board of Registrars Office must now verify that the petition bears signatures from the minimum number of eligible Chilton County voters.

Pitts, who ran as a Democrat in the 2006 superintendent’s race, said she decided to run as an independent because sometimes the qualities of individual candidates tend to be overshadowed by party affiliation.

“I had just been thinking about running and decided that the children of Chilton County and the economic situation the school system is facing at this point needed to be the main focus of the election,” Pitts said. “The concern needs to be on the children as a whole, not a political party.”

Once Pitts’ candidacy becomes official, she will be opposed by Democratic candidate Jason Griffin and the winner of Tuesday’s Republican Primary.

Pitts just completed her sixth year as principal of Jemison Elementary. Prior to that, she served as an assistant principal and taught at Jemison High School for 25 years for a combined 34 years in education.

Pitts said she is looking forward to campaigning and meeting lots of people in Chilton County.