Jemison tennis finishes 6th in state

Published 10:24 pm Friday, April 30, 2010

Jemison’s tennis team finished sixth in the state tournament Friday at Lagoon Park in Montgomery, beating out rival St. James and playing six of 12 schools.

The Panthers finished with a total 15 points and were ranked second in No. 3 doubles. Eighth graders Jake Long and Andrew Morton scored all points in both singles and doubles.

“They had to play two seniors each time,” coach Benton Morton said of the two eighth graders. “Each time it went to the third set, it got real exciting.”

Long won his first single match and scored two points, and Morton won his first two matches. In doubles, the Panthers won their first three matches against Cherokee County and West Point to earn nine points.

UMS Wright won the tournament, but Jemison continues to improve each year. This was their seventh consecutive year to go to state finals. Last year, Jemison was ranked 10th in the state.

“The boys had a great season,” Morton said. “We’re young and we’re looking forward to next year.”