Ugandan children’s choir to perform here

Published 1:24 pm Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A children’s choir made up of 13 orphans from the East African country of Uganda will perform a concert Monday night at Liberty Hill Baptist Church.

The seven boys and six girls — known as Ugandan Thunder — are from Royal School and Orphanage in Mityana, Uganda. They range in age from 8-12 and perform across the United States to raise money for orphanages.

The children are sponsored by Pennies for Posho, a nonprofit organization that purchases and delivers food for the children of Africa. Posho is an East African dish made from cornmeal.

The concert will begin at 7 p.m. in the church sanctuary located on County Road 37. Admission is free, but donations will be accepted in the form of an offering.

“I’m excited about it,” said Pastor Kent Dodson. “It gives us an opportunity to see how God is working in another country and also to help a ministry that’s reaching people for Christ, especially children. It’s an opportunity to show love to some kids that really need it.”

Pennies for Posho was founded by Ted Moody, a missionary to Uganda who was touched by the plight of the orphans there.

“He went on a mission trip early in life, and he just fell in love with the people and started this ministry,” Dodson said. “There are seven orphanages with 4,000 orphans throughout the country.”

The children will stay in host homes Monday night before departing Tuesday morning. They are accompanied by five adults. Volunteers will provide meals for the group, including a sack lunch on Tuesday to help with travel expenses.

“My home is always open,” said church member Sue Holbrook, one of six volunteer hosts.

Each host home will be given a set of guidelines to follow; for example, what kind of food the children like to eat.

“They love boiled eggs and toast,” Dodson said. “Salads and green vegetables are generally not eaten by Ugandan children. But they love ice cream.”

Those who attend the concert will have the opportunity to purchase T-shirts and African objects, and obtain information about a sponsorship program. Proceeds from these items will go toward travel expenses.

For more information, contact Liberty Hill Baptist Church at 755-1694 or visit